Monday, May 28, 2007

City bus commuters' choices may change

City bus commuters' choices may change

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: What a spoiler! Our Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) just went ahead and reduced the Volvo fares. It could have at least sought the views of the status-conscious Bangalorean, soaking in the envious glances of ordinary passengers packed like pancakes in the more modest buses.

With reduced fares, the ordinary Bangalorean will now take that big leap into the Volvo, have a crack at elitism and throw to the winds the BMTC style class system.

Still, for those who cannot afford even the reduced Volvo fares, the blue and cream bus will remain the first choice. Master of multi-tasking, the driver of this modest vehicle doubles as the conductor too. With one hand on the steering wheel and another delicately poised between coin and ticket, the versatile driver saves money for the BMTC. One salary, two jobs. Perfect.

As for the comfort-challenged commuter, he or she boards and exits through the front door.

The person has no choice, because BMTC will not promote ticketless travel.

With no conductor to on guard, the double exit door in the middle is always firmly shut.


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