Wednesday, May 30, 2007

BBMP apathy dampens spirits

BBMP apathy dampens spirits

Staff Reporter

Poor roads a cause for worry

BANGALORE: The civic authorities, particularly the Bruhut Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), seem not to have learnt any lesson from the flooding of Bangalore due to rains last year.

Repeated claims

Despite repeated claims by the State Government, the BBMP and others that the drains will be cleared and all encroachments removed to ensure a free flow of water, nothing much seems to have been done.

The roads and footpaths continue to retain pools of water and waterlogging is still a problem on many roads, putting both motorists and pedestrians at peril. Coupled with the poor state of the roads, motorists also have to cope with the frequent power shutdowns at night, which force them to navigate the roads in darkness, using the help of only the lights from oncoming vehicles.


Many motorists whose vehicles slipped on the wet roads during the recent rain and suffered minor injuries could be heard loudly cursing the BBMP for what they called the shoddy roadwork and the piling up of garbage and construction debris on the streets, blocking the smooth flow of traffic.

They wondered why the BBMP was not able to initiate action against those who leave such debris on the streets and pavements all over the city.


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