Monday, May 28, 2007

Arkavathi Layout : Allottees suffer agony

Arkavathi Layout : Allottees suffer agony
Monday May 28 2007 09:18 IST

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BANGALORE: It is more than two years since some 9,000 people have been allotted Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) sites in Arkavathi Layout, but they could not construct houses. Most who got the site are waiting with a bated breath for the Supreme Court verdict regarding the layout. When it will come is anybody’s guess.

Allotment was done in two batches, one in 2005 and the other in 2006. Most allottees make it a point to regularly call BDA and ask for any fresh news. Their anxiety is heightened with the construction materials becoming dearer by the day. But the BDA has no reply, for they too are awaiting court verdict. A senior BDA official told this paper that people worried at the outcome, make numerous calls to the BDA and explain how ‘helpless’ they are. But we tell them, ‘‘so are we!’’

‘‘Some are well aware of the situation, they call to inquire whether it’s safe to construct their houses in the layout. Some also inquire after they are unable to make up their mind over construction, ‘‘in both the cases we cannot help,’’ said the official.

The Arkavathi Layout was the first layout with a dual pipeline system. Dual pipeline system would mean that every house will have two water connections, one for fresh water and the other for treated water.

This plan was initiated to stem the water scarcity in the City. This will be accepted as the future plan for all other layouts.


At Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 5:46:00 PM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The birth of this layout itself is illegal. What right have the BDA to rob lands from the original land owners for a pittance, lands that were purchased in 1992 and prior to the acquisition proceedings, and then sell the same to the rich for fancy prices making a profit for themselves.
The BDA knows very well that the poor landowners have no time or the resources to fight a prolonged battle in courts which anyway favour the rich and powerful.

Would have served the people had they offered to take 50 percent of the land after developement. But well the greed of the rich and powerful knows no bounds.

The only hope we have is a favourable order from the Supreme Court which I am sure will look at all the angles.


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