Thursday, April 19, 2007

‘Palike move sounds death knell to talent’

‘Palike move sounds death knell to talent’
DH News Service, Bangalore:
Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike’s plan to build underground parking complexes in playgrounds receives mixed responses.

Does the Palike wish to kill talents? - This is the question widely raised by many who responded to the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike’s plan to build underground parking complexes in playgrounds.

Former cricketer EAS Prasanna, former goal keeper of national hockey team Ashish Ballal and many others alleged that the Palike was not concerned about health of children. “Where will the sports personalities practise if the Palike acquires playgrounds for years to complete constructing underground parking”, they questioned.

While many opposed the very concept of having parking yards in playgrounds, some welcomed it but with a rider - if the Palike constructs parking complexes without affecting sports activities, then it can be welcomed. There were a handful of people who welcomed the Palike’s initiative. However, students of various schools who regularly play at Akkithimmanahally playground strongly opposed the Palike’s idea.

“We will not allow the Palike people to construct underground parking. We will call for Shantinagar bundh and block Hosur Road if the Palike does not withdraw the decision”, warned Rathish, who conducts cricket tourneys at Akkithimmanahally grounds.

Mr A K Ali, resident of Akkithimmanahally, said that the ground was a tank twenty five years before.

“This is the location where water collects in large quantity during rainy season. It helps in recharging borewells in the locality. But if the underground parking complex is constructed, borewells will be affected”, he said.


The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike has come out with a fresh plan to provide parking space for vehicles in Bangalore. BBMP has announced plans to build underground parking complexes beneath four playgrounds in the City. The Palike officials feel that land above the complexes would be made conducive for sports activities.

Deccan Herald offers space to its readers to react to the BBMP move. Send in your views to The Editor, Deccan Herald, 75, MG Road, Bangalore - 560 001 or email:


“It may sound an innovative idea to build underground parking complexes in playgrounds. But this is not viable. If they take years together to construct a complex and make the roof conducive to play, hundreds of talents will lose the opportunity to play. The officials should keep in mind that sports is necessary for good health”.

E A S Prasanna, former cricketer

“This is the only playground for Shantinagar, Sudhama Nagar and many other nearby localities. Where should we all go if the palike constructs an underground parking here”.

Ignatius, a diploma student

“I strongly condemn the Palike’s move to build underground parking complexes in playgrounds. The Palike should instead take up works to upgrade them by providing basic infrastructure”.

S Raghu, MLA,


“I was shocked to know that the Palike is constructing underground parking complexes in playgrounds. If they start work today, they take at least 5-6 years to complete it. If a playground is not allowed for playing for years together you are killing hundreds of talents. Let the palike first address traffic problems and introduce better public transport”.

Ashish Ballal, former Indian hockey team goalkeeper


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