Friday, April 27, 2007

Illegal parking makes residents’ life miserable

Illegal parking makes residents’ life miserable
Thursday April 26 2007 11:20 IST

BANGALORE: Residents of HBR Layout, 4th Block, 13th Main wake up every morning to the roar of heavy vehicles revving up and driving away leaving clouds of diesel fumes. Not that they like it even a wee-bit, but many complaints to the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) and to the City police to clear the nearby vacant plot of parked vehicles have fallen on deaf ears.

Gowri K, a resident of HBR Layout said that there a few garages belonging to private companies in the vicinity of their residential area which allow private buses to park for the night. ‘‘It is not parking buses alone that bothers us. The drivers start their repairs and servicing of buses early in the morning and the accompanying noise pollution continues throughout the day,’’ she says.

Residents also say that they have sought and got help from the City police for clearing the plot of vehicles. But the drivers pleaded for time till January and assured the aggrieved residence that they were searching another location and this one was temporary. But they have not kept their word.

Kishore L, another resident, points out, ‘‘We have told them to stop the repair works several times, but they simply do not listen. It also involves the safety of children,’’ he said.


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