Wednesday, April 25, 2007

City records highest rainfall

City records highest rainfall
DH News service Bangalore:
Bangalore City has received 134.5 mm rain in the month of April (till 24). According to Meteorological department sources the rain recorded in this month is the highest compared to corresponding period of the last seven years.

In addition rainfall recorded so far in the month is roughly three times more than the normal of 46.3 mm. Similarly temperature in the city has also gone up. Normal temperature expected in April in Banalore city is 33.6 degree celsius.

But this time the temperature went up to 36.4 dc in the first week of the month.

Dr Vijay Raghavan, Director, Meteorological department said that April is considered to be the hottest month. “However in May temperature decreases with the increasing rate of rainfall. Normal rainfall expected in May is 119.6 mm”, he said.


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