Friday, March 30, 2007

Walk to save Cubbon Park

Hasiru Usiru is organising a walk to save Cubbon park on saturday 31 st, March at 9 am in the morning. We shall walk up to Rajbhavan. Environmentalists, Tree lovers & concerned people from all walks of life will participate in the protest against construction of an underground parking structure behind high court. 40 Trees will be cut in Cubbon Park to make way for this project which has not got environmental clearance. This is another encroachment waiting to happen in the already encroached Cubbon Park(almost one-third of this lung space is encroached) . Division benches in different districts will come up shortly which will ease traffic but the main problem being outsiders vehicles parked at high court.Whatever the reasons,the present careless attitude of the judiciary has driven environmentalists away from seeking justice & voice public concern.They seem to be here for blindly clearing way for the so called "Developement" of the state which is heading to ecological disaster. Please bring friends and make the walk a success.

- Seshadri, Hasiru Usiru


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