Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Visitors unhappy with lack of parking space

Visitors unhappy with lack of parking space
New INdian Express

BANGALORE: Acute paucity of parking space is driving away many visitors from Cubbon Park. Many avid visitors are compelled to keep their vehicles far away and walk to the park with their kids. This is often the case in the weekends when there are more visitors.

People who visit the park regularly say that even during weekdays it is difficult to get parking space and at weekends, the situation is impossible.

“We rarely visit Cubbon Park because of the parking problem. We have to park our vehicles near Kasturba Road or Lavelle Road and walk up the stretch. Parking is a major problem and it is high time Cubbon Park officials did something about it,” said T Nagaraj, a visitor.

Some parents also say they get into fights with the park attenders as there is not sufficient parking space. “There should be a larger area especially for cars. Two-wheelers can be parked on the footpath, but it is difficult for four-wheelers,” said Anju P, another visitor.

Officials of Bal Bhavan Society said that it was the responsibility of the Horticulture Department and traffic police to regulate parking and fulfil people’s expectations. They cannot provide parking space inside the park, as the safety of the children will be at risk.

Secretary of the Society Ahmed Hasan said that only the Horticulture Department can provide larger a parking area. “We can only provide facilities inside the park for children,” he said.

“Traffic management in parking areas is the responsibility of traffic police department. The maintenance should be handled by the police officials,” he added.

DCP East M A Saleem (Traffic) said traffic is not an issue. “Vehicles are banned from 4 am to 8 am, to help people enjoy do jogging or their daily walk. Traffic is restricted to two-wheelers and cars only. There is adequate parking provided on King’s Road or the road parallel to Queen’s Road, from Minsk Square to High Court. Parking is not a problem,” he said.


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