Monday, February 19, 2007

Secret masterplans out in open

Secret masterplans out in open
CDs, Maps In Circulation, BMRDA Denies Leakage, But Everyone Knows All Details
The Times of India

Bangalore: Chief minister H D Kumaraswamy perhaps is not aware of the new land use patterns fixed by the BMRDA’s interim masterplan for Ramanagara, his constituency. But his voters surely know how much is the residential usage and how much has been earmarked for industrial purpose. For that matter even the builders know about how much of land is in the valley zone.
Through maps and CDs, the interim masterplan copies are being circulated all over the town even before the state government has taken any decision on the plans.
According to the CD which has been obtained by The Times of India, the contents are interim masterplans of Anekal, Hosekote, Nelamangala, Magadi and Ramanagara-Channapatna along with the land use patterns.
In Ramanagara, for instance, under planning district I spread over 18.52 sq km comprising Kothipura, 9.51 sq km are earmarked for residential purpose falling mainly in Balaguli, Basavanapura and Voderahalli. Builders say Ramanagara local planning area has been divided into four planning districts in the masterplan.
The industrialists are already analysing the potential industrial zone in this region — the Planning District 4 which encompasses Jeeganahaloli, Bollapanahalli, Hallimala having 12.79 sq km — of which the industrial land use is predominant which is 3.56 sq km. In the same area, 2.59 sq km have been identified for quarries and hillocks.
Apart from identifying the land use patterns, sanitation, water supply, road network, urbanisation projection, the exercise has also identified tourism potential places which can be developed. For instance, in the Magadi masterplan, two major tourist circuits are proposed — Tirumale-Savanadugra-Bychapura-Sathanur and Sankigatta-Biskur-Hulikal-Sugganahalli. These two are located close to the proposed satellite town ring roads which may help to develop this town as a tourist place.
The masterplan for Nelamangala local planning area has made suggestions about protection of TG Halli reservoir in the light of large-scale encroachments and urbanisation near the embankments.
The masterplans for the six towns were submitted to the government on November 30.
“Initially some maps started getting leaked from BMRDA’s office and this gradually developed into CDs containing all the masterplans which are in huge circulation now. There is a lot of scope for misuse,’’ sources in the government explained.
This is what BMRDA commissioner Sudhir Krishna has to say: “The masterplans are pending approval with the government and shortly they will get the nod. The BMRDA is not giving out any maps or CDs. Nothing is legal before the government approves the plans. If anything is being circulated, then it is unauthorised.’’


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