Friday, February 23, 2007

Road widening project set to move

Road widening project set to move
The BBMP’s project to widen the city’s major roads is now set to begin,
The Times of India

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is slated to begin work on the muchtouted road-widening scheme. Many deadlines later - the last was December 31, 2006 - set by none other than Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, civic authorities are saying that they will take up work wherever land has been cleared. For instance, Hosur Road which was the first stretch identified for the exercise has even identified land of 30 metres on either side and compounds have been fenced out.
Widening roads using the provisions of Transferable Development Scheme (TDR) was a scheme evolved and approved by the State Government in January 2005. In the scheme, a person losing a portion of land to the road widening exercise gets a Development Rights Certificate which can be used to sell FAR ratio to the tune of 1.5 times of the acquired land.
Many meetings and issual of notices later, the scheme faced some roadblocks. BBMP officials explain that Defense authorities prolonged the approval process. A total of 44,464 square metres land belonging to the Defense was pending approval, a final nod is awaited.
Engineers at the BBMP explain that the task they faced was a Herculean one - convincing people to part with land. "For a year we have been going road to road, identifying the specifics required, and trying to convince people that the land required is for public good. We have explained the concept of TDR, but they are just not willing. They are demanding, Give us an alternate site with house or give us market compensation", explain engineers associated with the project.
Progress so far Topographical survey completed for 30 roads Road alignment for 12 roads has been approved and DPRs for six roads completed Land cost for private properties taken through land acquisition at present market rate for 12 roads amounts to Rs 266 crores


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