Monday, February 26, 2007

Pollute not our city: kids to elders

Pollute not our city: kids to elders
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: On Sunday morning vehicle users crossing near the Kaveri emporium, MG Road, had a surprise in store for them.

Instead of the usual growling cops, they saw students in NCC outfits approaching them with a nosegay and notice. The traffic policemen looked on with a bemused smile.

No fine or warning from the austere cops. Those whose vehicles spewed heavy cloud of smoke received a red rose, a chocolate, and a leaflet from the 'kid police.' The leaflet explained how vehicular pollution was killing people, and their smile hid a message, "Yes Sir, you are polluting our dear city, please mend your ways."

The students' gesture touched the heart of many motorists and drivers at MG Road.

At the traffic signal, around 24 NCC cadets from different schools kept a close watch on the polluters. And when they slowed down at the traffic signal, they approached the drivers with a smile and gave away their gifts. The novel step was the initiative of the Pollution State Control Board (KSPCB), which, fed up with the harangue, decided to use the persuasive method.

The zeal and eagerness with which the students worked endeared them to many. They were serious about their mission, prompt in action, and polite but firm in dealing.

One of the students, Anand, from Christ College, said majority of the vehicular emission was from autos. "Few auto drivers refused to admit that they are polluting air and others admitted but expressed their helplessness."

"We got a very good response from motorists and car drivers. Few apologised and thanked us for the information. Some assured us to get it checked," the students said.

According to Regional Officer of KSPCB, Syed Khaja Mhiddin, students can work miracles. "Instead of fining or prosecuting the offenders, this gesture will definitely make a difference," he said.

In the report card of students, majority of vehicular pollution was seen in autos, followed by old Kinetic Honda's, Bajaj bikes and few Yamaha bikes.

They made a list of these offenders, most cars and BMTC buses received overall good marks.

KSPCB plans to repeat this next Sunday on MG Road. "We got a very good response. All the 240 roses and chocolates were distributed. We propose to carry it to other cities like Mangalore and Mysore. Also take up this initiate to Lalbagh to prevent visitors carrying plastic bags," he added.


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