Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hot and humid days ahead

Hot and humid days ahead
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: Firm increase in the humidity level has brought surprise clouds over Bangalore. The so called ‘local convection’ that occurs due to the heat generated during the day some times end in causing precipitation.

On Sunday morning the residents in Basavangudi were surprised to receive few water droplets for the same reason.

M B Raje Gowda, HoD, Department of Agrometeorology, GKVK, said, the week-long records of humidity indicate a steep increase. Increased humidity has been attracting scattered clouds over Bangalore, which depending on the soil temperature brings light sprinklers.

He said the humidity level will come down during summer as dry weather prevails all around. “The dry atmosphere will create low pressure area between the present high pressure zone, inviting wind from all the directions towards the low pressure girdle. During this pressure gradient, the water vapour condenses giving scattered rainfall”, Raje Gowda said.

“This type of convectional rain normally occurs between 3 pm and 6 pm, especially during pre-monsoon period”, he added.

The weather experts have also predicted good amount of rainfall during pre-monsoon time as temperature during summer is expected to reach till 37 D.

The pre-monsoon showers, however cannot be predicted in advance. In Southern Karnataka these rains help building soil moisture and in North Karnataka it helps the Rabi crops.


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