Wednesday, January 31, 2007

North, west Bangalore face water shortage

North, west Bangalore face water shortage
The Times of India

Bangalore: Some inner areas of Sanjaynagar do not get water for a whole week. In the west, the irregular water supply has forced the residents to depend on water tankers. Areas of Bangalore north, east and parts of west, which are dependent on Tippagondanahalli reservoir, are facing this severe water crisis. Reason: BWSSB has reduced pumping of water from TG Halli as water level has come down drastically.
BWSSB pumps around 130 to 140 MLD of water. Since the reservoir’s catchment at Arkavathy has not received adequate water in monsoon, it is drying up. Now, pumping is just 50 MLD, Venkataraju, BWSSB chief engineer, maintenance, said.
“We are aware there is no water scarcity. But there is acute shortage in Sanjaynagar because of the poor management of the sub-division and the distribution network. The assistant engineer of the sub-station hardly attends to the problem and the residents are forced to air their grievances to junior level staff like valvemen,’’ complained V Sathyamurthy, president, Sanjaynagar residents’ welfare association.
The area gets only 30% to 40% of the normal water supply. Even this supply is erratic. The water supply in these affected areas is now 20,000 litres per house as against normal supply of 35,000 to 40,000 litres. “To tide over the shortage, we are diverting water from Bangalore south areas which are well fed. But the distribution network is not in place and we are putting it together. By the time water reaches the last point, the quantity would have reduced and added to this is low pressure. Once the system is in place, the problem will be less severe,’’ the BWSSB chief engineer said.
The city’s water pumping is 900 MLD which has now been reduced to 850 MLD due to the crisis. About 800 MLD of water is pumped from the Cauvery source. Caution: Don’t drink water
Bangalore: Imagine having to drink a glass of water in which thin, one mm long, red slimy worms swim. Definitely not a scene to cherish. On the top of it, if the water stinks, appears murky and the surface is oil slick, one cannot help but puke.
This is the status of tap water supplied by BWSSB to Koramangala. Residents of Koramangala, 7th Block, Ist B Cross, have been getting this wormy water for a few months now.
According to residents, a sewer leak on the first main road near an internet browsing centre is responsible for the contaminated water supply. “Also, a replaced sanitary line in front of a house on first C Cross, a blocked manhole on the same road, is responsible for the sewage to enter drinking water line,” say residents.
The residents have complained to the BWSSB office and are waiting for some action.
No more free water
The BWSSB has been supplying water through tankers free of cost to the affected areas. However, the BWSSB officials have noticed that some people, get free tanker water by locking up their water metres and claim that they are not getting water. “This trend is increasing and from summer months, we will charge Rs 250 per water tanker. No more free water will be given,” said BWSSB chief engineer Venkataraju.
Water supply to Bangalore from various sources Cauvery I stage: 135 MLD. Cauvery II stage: 135 MLD. Cauvery III stage: 270 MLD. Cauvery IV stage, I phase: 270 MLD. Tippagondanahalli reservoir: 140 MLD


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