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BMP must act on stray dog menace

BMP must act on stray dog menace

The Hindu

Bangalore: G.S. Narayanan, former Deputy Manager of NABARD, says: "Stray dog menace is an issue that concerns all of us and more worrying because children are the victims of dog bite."

The situation in Jayanagar 4th Block, which he is familiar with, may be typical of the city and he writes: "The Bangalore Mahanagara Palike, which is to become BBMP, may have to do something about street dog menace at least now." He says that catching stray dogs with the help of unskilled staff in a rickety van is a vain attempt. Everyone knows the dogs smell the van and scurry for cover and reappear once the dog-catchers go away. They are a nuisance during the nights when they forage for food and fight for territorial rights, he adds. To reduce stray dog menace Mr. Narayanan suggests that people should not throw eatables on the roadside; leftovers from parties should be packed in large plastic bags and handed over to BMP garbage collectors; children should be taught not to provoke animals; instead of having one large pound for stray dogs, there can be number of them in each locality and their care can be entrusted to NGOs; all ragpickers should be vaccinated against rabies; dog owners should obtain licence and regularly immunise their pets and the civic authorities should take residents' complaints about dog menace seriously.

S. Seshadri of RPC Layout, Vijayanagar, writes: "The pictures of children bitten by dogs are enough to show that it calls for immediately ridding the city of this menace. It is a misplaced sympathy for stray dogs on the part of animal rights activists. They have not experienced what it is to be bitten by a stray dog."

He says that since garbage bins have become the places around which street dogs roam for food, door-to-door collection of household waste is a better option.

He says that sterilised dogs may not procreate but they bark and bite. Stray dogs are seen in front of eateries, bakeries and butchers' shops.


At Friday, January 5, 2007 at 3:28:00 PM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stray dogs are not a problem just in Bangalore, but all over India.
Note how INDIFFERENT the animal rights activists are to HUMAN welfare, health & PEACE.
Note how OBSTINATE they are with respect to stray dogs, even when the latter have made lives of hundreds of thousands of people MISERABLE.
Does Maneka Gandhi walk down to buy a loaf of bread, or eggs for dinner, and does she have to walk down a road TEEMING with growling, furious, menacing stray dogs?
Does Pritish Nandy walk down even 200 meters to buy a cigarrette, and encounter whole packs of demented stray dogs howling, snarling, yelping & menacing?

How many of these animal rights activists actually KNOW what a CONSTANT headache, what a constant nuisance, how UGLY & unhealthy is an environment in which 20-30-40 dogs are fighting, marauding, attacking people & children & defecating & urinating all over the place?
Does Maneka Gandhi have to hear those intolerable howls & shrieks hour after hour after hour, day after day after day???
How many times has she been pursued by a pack of stray dogs?
How many animal rights activists have to clean dog-shit on the doorstep of their house EVERYDAY, for MONTHS?
Do they bother about HUMAN life?
Do they know how people live in middle-class & "lower" middle-class localities, and how HORRIBLE is the presence of HUNDREDS of stray dogs dashing in & out, fornicating, pursuing children, attacking senior citizens, and creating filth?
Does Maneka Gandhi have to smell the stink of puddles of dog-shit throughout the day?
How many animal rights activists actually WALK on the streets after 10 o'clock at night, for a night walk, only to discover 15 stray dogs hunting each other, and tolerate all that incessant, screaming clamor of untamed beasts?

Animal rights activists are simply making money in the name of "humane" treatment, "compassion" & "ahimsa", while threatening people with imprisonment & legal punishment ("ahimsa"??), employing goons to harass people, breaking into labs & damaging property, and transferring the responsibility of THEIR ridiculous ideas to the public.
They have simply stopped the killing of stray dogs, and ensured that they don't create havoc in POSH localities - where THEY themselves live - and to give the impression that there is no menace.
Other than that, they do NOTHING BUT TALK.
The brunt of their anti-human laws is being taken by the middle-class & poor, who don't have funds pumping in from international groups which keep threatening people with bomb explosions & murder, if a rabid stray dog is killed.
Animal welfare acticists have PROOVED that they are merely riding on the backs of stray dogs, and making big bucks, TOTALLY INDIFFERENT to HUMAN pain, health & welfare.
And that their belligerent, threatening attitude PROOVES their demented pscyhology & the anti-HUMAN basis of their activities.

At Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 1:05:00 PM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Human bitten and eaten by dogs, what a horrible thing, happening in city like bangalore, if some one like to witness come to Egipur, there are thousand of them waiting to attack you. i called cupa, they said they will catch them vacinate them and bring them back to the same place, in fact they brought more.
Some politicians sit in delhi AC room and tell that animals should be saved, let these females take these dogs to their house.

At Wednesday, December 31, 2008 at 3:43:00 PM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey good educated peoples. are you only living creature in the earth to enjoy? each and every living creature who have developed brain will feel pleasure ,pain and fear. please should not feel you human beings have all the above sensation. your kid and a puppy are equal....innocent animals are helpless..i think if god is there he will help them...this arragant human being are very selfish.


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