Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another Crossword launched

Another Crossword launched
New Indian Express

Crossword, a leading book store in India, recently launched its third store in Indiranagar. It was their 39th store in India. Authors Sudha Murthy and Shashi Deshpande and Jeff Mc Anally, chief-specialty, Shoppers’ Stop, inaugurated the store. ‘‘We are very excited with the response we got from our customers in the city. It was their enthusiasm that led to opening a store in Indiranagar,’’ said Jeff.

‘‘A bookstore so close by to one’s house is a good opportunity for everyone. I do hope Crossword opens one store in every area,’’ said Shashi Deshpande. ‘‘When you go out and buy a book, you should never judge it based on what people say or write. Do read all the books and be your own judge, and make use of stores like this which allow you to explore and browse through the books before buying it,’’ added Deshpande.

Sudha Murthy too agreed with her. ‘‘Beauty and wealth is never judged by the clothes that you wear or the house that you stay in or even the assets that you possess. But it is judged by the amount of knowledge and books that you posses,’’ said Sudha Murthy.

Other than possessing a variety of lifestyle books and novels, the store also allows people to organise community events. In order to promote reading habits at an early age, the store is also organising regular story telling sessions for children.

The new crossword store is located in Icon mall, Indiranagar.


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