Sunday, October 29, 2006

Garuda Mall gets more land in spite of violation

Garuda Mall gets more land in spite of violation
Vijay Times

Garuda Mall is in the news again. Despite stiff opposition from some corporators against the mall for alleged violation of building by-laws, here comes some shocking news.

The BMP Standing Committee on Town Planning has passed a resolution granting an additional 3,456 sq ft land to the mall. The resolution is likely to be discussed at the BMP subject meeting for the council’s approval on Monday.

BMP commissioner K Jairaj had admitted the mall promoters had violated the contract it had entered into with the BMP for construction of a shopping mall-cumparking lot on Magrath Road.

When the issue was raised by BJP opposition leader A H Basavaraj in the council, Jairaj said the BMP Joint Director of Town Planning (JDTP) had issued notices to Garuda Mall for violating BMP conditions and encroaching upon the parking lot.

The BMP had directed the mall promoters to rectify the flaws.

As regards the additional grant of 3,456 sq ft land, the commissioner said the land was granted by the BMP Project Management Group (PMG).

This led to a pandemonium in the council, following which Jairaj said he would have an audit done on the same through the Information Development Corporation (iDeC).

Later, Basavaraj told VViijja ay y TTiim mees san inquiry should be conducted on violations committed by the mall promoters. “The commissioner should ensure flaws and violations are rectified before granting additional land.”


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