Friday, October 27, 2006

BDA to scrutinise revised CDP

BDA to scrutinise revised CDP
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: The revised comprehensive development plan (CDP) for Bangalore - Master Plan 2015 is coming up before the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) board for approval on Friday. The revised CDP has been awaiting the BDA’s approval, and later it will go to the government for final approval.

BDA officials said that the CDP would throw light on the areas where development activities are allowed and not allowed (green-belt areas). They expect the CDP to be cleared by the government without much delay.

The future housing projects of the BDA hinge very much on the CDP and their launch depend on how soon the government clears the CDP. The government had, some time ago, announced its plans to develop 50,000 housing sites, distribute them to eligible Bangaloreans, and clear the backlog.

The officials say that they are not yet sure where this project would finally come up, as the Master Plan is not yet through. The land acquisition process for the new layout will begin only after the final picture emerges.

The officials are not sure if the CDP will be approved in its original form or with modifications and therefore do not want to guess about the location of future projects. The latest thinking in the BDA, however, is that it is better to have more layouts in different areas than one with 50,000 sites. The BDA is more likely to identify clear areas according to the new approved CDP and acquire them for the new layouts, instead of focussing on just one area, which, officials think, may become unwieldy.

After the formation of BDA in 1976, this is the third CDP that is being drawn up. Other two were drawn up and approved in 1984 and 1995 respectively.


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