Monday, September 25, 2006

Rising crime graph worries governor

Rising crime graph worries governor
Deccan Herald

“I am greatly disturbed by the allegations and counter allegations” Governor Chaturvedi

Karnataka Governor T N Chaturvedi has expressed concern over the controversies dogging the government and stated that they would directly or indirectly affect governance.

In a three-page letter to the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council H K Patil — in reply to his communication requesting the governor to use his discretionary powers to take action against the government — Mr Chaturvedi said, “I am greatly disturbed by the controversies and allegations and counter-allegations of corruption, as they are bound to affect directly or indirectly the good governance in the State and the faith of the people in the democratic system.”

He added that the rising crime rate in the State was a matter he intended to take up with greater persistence.

Mr Patil, in his nine-page letter to the governor on September 20, had requested him to intervene and use his discretionary power to uphold the high values enshrined in the Constitution and ensure the rule of law.

But the governor rejected Mr Patil’s plea saying, “Maladministration or the rising crime graph does not provide authority to resort to any drastic measure as suggested by you.”

However, he said he was concerned over the increasing crime. “In the recent past, I have discussed it in some length with the Home Minister of the State and from time to time I have also discussed it with the police authorities as with the Chief Minister,” he added.

The governor, who clarified that he did not want to give his response to the media, informed Mr Patil that the U L Bhat Commission of Inquiry had issued notifications and comprehensive terms of reference that would take care of the allegations of suspended BJP MLC Janardhan Reddy in the mining scam.

Mr Patil referred to issues like Janata Dal (Secular) national president H D Deve Gowda supporting his son H D Kumaraswamy’s government, the retraction made by the Chief Minister on the attempt made by NICE to bribe him, the appointment of Lokayukta without following the provisions of law, the allegations in the mining issue, the disrespect showed by Mr Gowda to the an institution like the CBI, and the increasing crime rate in the City.


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