Monday, September 18, 2006

No more flooding in city, assures BWSSB

No more flooding in city, assures BWSSB
Vijay Times

iv.In an effort to find a permanent solution to the flooding of the City during heavy rains, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board has embarked on a pivotal project to prevent waste water and solid waste mixing with storm water drains (SWDs), considered the root cause for flooding.

Rapid growth of human habitation on the SWD embankments, fast-food joints discharging oily and greasy waste into the SWDs and tree roots penetrating into the sewer lines have been identified as the key causes for the wastes mixing with SWDs, resulting in blockage of the drains and thus causing flooding.

In order to tackle these problems, a Rs 30 crore project, Zero Discharge of Waste Water into SWDs, has begun functioning in 293 sq kms area of sewer line network within 593 sq kms of Bangalore Metropolitan Area (BMA), BWSSB sources said.

A detailed report based on the guidelines issued by the Central Public Health Environment Engineering Organisation (CPHEO) has also been prepared.

The oily and greasy wastes entering SWDs is being tackled by the BWSSB in co-ordination with the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP).

Eateries have been directed to compulsorily have an oil/ grease trap equipment costing not more than Rs 300, to filter solid wastes entering the sewage.

However, the problem of slums along SWDs, causing the mixing would be addressed by creating awareness among them, officials said adding direct connections, sewer lines will also be provided to them to prevent mixing. Besides, the project also aims at identifying sewage network problems in low lying areas for providing new sewer line connections.

The tree root problem will be tackled by cutting the roots penetrating the sewer lines and sewage water discharged from the BMA area will be treated in 14 Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), including seven new STPs set up under the Cauvery IV stage, II phase, the officials added.


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