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Get khata in less than 30 days

Get khata in less than 30 days
Lok Ayukta Asks BMP To Maintain Transparency In Road Projects
The Times of India

Bangalore: Bangalore Mahanagara Palike’s (BMP) cumbersome khata (possession certificate) procedure is all set to go for a make-over.
In an effort to minimise corruption, the Lok Ayukta has directed BMP commissioner K Jairaj to simplify the khata procedure. “The BMP has taken our suggestion positively. With khata simplification the procedure would be reduced to less than 30 days,’’ Lok Ayukta Justice N Santosh Hegde told reporters on Friday.
During an interaction with BMP officials last week, Lok Ayukta also asked the authorities to display a transparency board showing details of the amount spent, date of commencement and completion of the major road projects in Bangalore.
However, the modalities of working to implement the suggestions will be done by the BMP.
Besides, Hegde has also taken cognizance of the mounting complaints against illegal hoardings, deviation in building plans,
unauthorised construction and occupancy of BMP property, non-residential activities in residential areas.
In another major decision, which is expected to have far-reaching effect, Justice Hegde and Upa Lok Ayukta have decided to scrutinise the accounts of the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj (RDPR) department. “Huge sum of money flows from national and international agencies to the RDPR, we want to know how and where the money is being disbursed,’’ Hegde said.
Turahalli land scam
The alleged 500-acre Turahalli reserve forest scam has come under Lok Ayukta scanner. Justice Hegde said the institution has taken a serious note of it and has directed the revenue and forest department to provide documents relating to the scam. During the course, Justice Hegde regretted that professional bodies like Bar council, Indian Medical Council, Chartered Accounts Association have done little to remove corruption from the society.
CDs: Fake or real?
Here’s some reprieve for suspended BJP MLC G Janardhan Reddy. His purported CDs on bribery allegation against chief minister H D Kumaraswamy and forest minister C Chennigappa that failed to make an impact, can be given to the Lok Ayukta for ‘scientific examination’ to prove whether the contents in the CD are original or fake. Upa Lok Ayukta G Patri Basavana Goud said anybody, including Reddy himself, by filing an affidavit for their claim can bring the CDs for examination. However, they should be ready to face the music involving punishment, if they fail to prove their claim.
Chikungunya corruption!
When the official Prevention of Corruption Act and other anti-corruption acts have defined corruption, Upa Lok Ayukta Justice G Patri Basavana Goud came out with his own definition and categorised corrupt people into four types: chikungunya, chupa rustum, ashadabuthi (hypocrite) and gentleman.
At a press conference here on Friday, Justice Goud, who has made indepth research on corruption, defined each type. Chikungunya: Here, the only aim is to make money through corrupt practices. They don’t care for the society. Even if a patient (society) is on the death bed, mosquitoes (corrupt men) will suck the blood (money) till death. “They are bold in making money and do not care for the victim.’’ Chupa rustum: Double-faced people. This category of corrupt men pose as honest individuals in the public, but are most corrupt. Ashadabhuthi: They are honest but will not respond to the problems. Goud says “Intellectual dishonesty is dangerous than other categories. They don’t cooperate with the society and follow only favouritism and nepotism.’’ Gentleman: Totally harmless and decisions are taken based on merit. This category of persons is not blatant corrupt, but accepts whatever they give. “Regardless of the amount, they will accept it.’’
Action against former medical education director Shivarathna Savadi for violating integrity and causing loss to the government in the purchase of a medical equipment worth Rs 61 lakh. Lok Ayukta sleuths to oversee the implementation of Transparency Act while awarding major contracts by the departments. Letter to the chief secretary to bring in a comprehensive transfer policy. Retired special deputy commissioner appointed to report on the corrupt practises in sub-registrar offices.


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