Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cops to hotels: Use mini buses, ease traffic

Cops to hotels: Use mini buses, ease traffic
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: Traffic snarls and back-ups on Airport Road might ease up substantially if the traffic police have their way.

To lessen the traffic congestion on this busy road, the cops have asked the management of star hotels in the city to use mini buses instead of cars to ply their customers from the airport to the hotels.

Airport road has one of the slowest moving traffic in Bangalore. The problem of congestion exists even inside the Airport parking lot.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic East) M A Saleem told this website’s newspaper that the new initiative might ease up traffic congestion on the busy road.

“We are trying to convince the hotel authorities to operate mini buses instead of one car for one customer. A single luxury mini vehicle can reduce at least four cars. Nearby hotels can jointly use a single vehicle for the transport of their customers. This will reduce unnecessary plying of vehicles on the road,” he said.

Saleem said that their main intention was to reduce the number of private cars, hotel cabs and taxis. “Using public transport will keep 50-200 cars off the road, which makes traffic movement much more flexible,” he said.

The traffic police have also spoken to the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) officials to operate Volvo buses. “Operating these luxury buses will make the car users switch to the bus to some extent,” he added.

However, BMTC sources said that they are planning to operate ‘Rajahamsa’ buses for this purpose.


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