Thursday, August 31, 2006

Slow death for KR Market?

Slow death for KR Market?
This Place Is One Of The Filthiest Areas In Bangalore
The Times of India

Bangalore: KR Market, one of the oldest markets and landmarks in the city, is dying a slow death. Thanks to the apathy of officials and elected representatives, KR Market is one of the filthiest areas teeming with people.

“The entire market is in a terrible condition. Encroachments are rampant. Hawkers and vendors are all over the place. Garbage thrown by them along with poor ventilation causes a disgusting stench. Sweeping takes place only when the officers are likely to inspect the area,” says B K Goyal, secretary of federation of trade associations of central Bangalore.

“The underground parking is a horrible experience in itself. The entrance and exit are blocked by vendors and vehicles. Dirty water is always on the floor due to the open drain pipes. Only good team work can solve existing problems.”

He adds that the roads are heavily cratered. Traffic jams are a common sight. “It’s a nightmare for commuters to travel in the market area during festival seasons.”

Agrees DCP West (Traffic), Rama Subba: “During festivals there is heavy traffic in K R Market and additional staff is deployed for surveillance. The concreting of SJP Road by BMP has led to traffic diversions. Once the work is completed and the road is open to public traffic flow will be smooth”.

Law and order does not seem to work here. For, buses and autos are parked all over obstructing traffic flow. The underground pedestrian walkway passage is of faulty design and pedestrians hardly use it. “The existing bus stand at Kalasipalya should be renovated to accommodate all the buses including private ones and movement of tempos should be restricted during peak hours. Though two tenders were called by BMP to modernise the bus stand, work has not stared,” complained the traders.

According to BMP officials, a proposal to renovate the Kalasipalya bus stand is placed before the government for approval. It will be done through Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) system. A 30-year lease period will be given under which a quarterly management fee will be collected by BMP.

The area also suffers from high pollution levels, seepage of water from flyover during rains, poor illumination, garbage menace and flooding.

“A sum of Rs 85 crore has been sanctioned for garbage disposal and placed before the government for approval.Rs 2.85 crore has also been sanctioned for the development of roads in KR Market. It will be completed by the end of October. The entire market area will be given a face-lift. Interior roads will be concreted. Vendors and hawkers have been in city market for over 60 years. They are not causing any problems as they are controlled by the police and BMP.”


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