Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pitching for mono rail

Pitching for mono rail
Deccan Herald

Pitching for mono rail, Metrail India director Rehan Khan said that his company, as per Karnataka Government's request, has proposed an initial alignment of 90 kilometres of mono rail network along with 33 kilometres of metro rail, on Monday. He was presenting a talk on 'Mono Rail vs Metro Rail' at a programme organised by the Rotary Club of Bangalore, Indiranagar.

Khan added that the network can be extended by Metrail to a minimum of 500 kilometres, and without any government funding. Among other salient features, he noted that the estimated project cost for the mono rail project will be Rs 50 crore per kilometre, the turning radius will be 20 metres (against 180 metres for metro rail). The project will be completed in 18-24 months. Khan said the focus of mono rail will be to provide maximum network as a feeder system.

Rebutting claims made against the mono rail by E Sreedharan, Managing Director, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation recently, Khan said that mono rail cannot be dismissed as "amusement park riders". "Just because mono rails are used in amusement parks, it does not mean that they cannot be used as mass rapid systems in cities. Cities like Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo have used mono rails effectively in congested areas," Khan said.


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