Friday, July 28, 2006

Land enough, not enough, squabble on

Land enough, not enough, squabble on
Deccan Herald

Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE), reacting to the Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board’s (KIADB) assertion that the company is making slow progress in the Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor (BMIC) project, alleged that work is delayed due to non-cooperation of the Government.

Deccan Herald, in the article ‘BMIC feud over land continues’ published on July 25, had reported the slow progress of bus and truck terminals along the peripheral ring road due to the blame game between NICE and the Government.

In a statement, Manjunath Nayaker, Deputy General Manager, Public Relations and Liaison, NICE, said the KIADB officials’ assertion that it has already given “more than sufficient land” is wrong, and they “do not even have enough land to complete the road works”.

Countering KIADB’s statement that construction work of buildings is pending because NICE has not submitted technical drawings, he said, “The statement of the KIADB is misleading as the Government is yet to transfer the khatha certificate of the lands in our possession to our name.

Without the khatha certificate, it is legally not possible for us to approach the Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Area Planning Authority to secure the required approvals and permission to start the construction works on these core infrastructure buildings.”


On eyeing Mysore: “It is the Government which issued a GO stating that we have to commence the road construction work from both the ends of Bangalore and Mysore”.

On making property owners vacate land: “As per the framework agreement, it was clearly stated that upon transfer of land, NICE will have good, valid, clear and marketable title to the land and all buildings, structures and other improvements thereon, free of any encumbrances. Also, on completion of acquisition proceedings, payment of compensation and transfer of such lands under Sec 28(8) in favour of the Board, the Board shall execute documents in respect of the said land, free of all encumbrances.”


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