Friday, July 28, 2006

Declare Brigade, M G roads as ‘no-traffic zones’

Declare Brigade, M G roads as ‘no-traffic zones’

One of the options to decongest traffic in CBD areas is to make Brigade Road a ‘No traffic zone’. Ban parking and stopping of cars/two-wheelers on Brigade Road. Parking facilities should be provided at the parade grounds on M G Road and Utility Building parking zone, for a fee. The problem on Brigade Road is that those looking for a parking slot move slowly on this road, triggering traffic jams.

Only pedestrians should be allowed on this road, and a shuttle service could be provided to facilitate transportation.

I would also like to suggest that parking of two-wheelers at the M G Road / Cauvery Emporium signal should be removed as they cause traffic to slow down when people take out their vehicles from the parking slots.



Use unused plots for parking

Brigade Road and M G Road are getting choked with traffic. A possible solution could be to make these roads ‘No traffic zones’ on weekends so as to encourage shoppers and window shoppers to walk peacefully. Big unused plots can be made into parking complexes. Introduce valet parking facility in them. New routes should be created to transfer the load to other areas.

Rohith Iyer

Empower cops at all levels

Every cop, from constable and above, must be empowered to book road users who violate traffic rules. Every cop must be empowered to stop any vehicle, check for driving licence, road tax payment or exhaust emission. As of now, only head constables and sub-inspectors are carrying out these checks.

The Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) must raise a uniformed force within the BMP with the same powers as the police. The BMP force’s jurisdiction will be to book people for illegal parking, encroachment of roads and footpaths by petty vendors, illegal construction activity and for jaywalking on important roads.

Uday Shankar

Kualalumpur, Malaysia

Run exclusive bus

The Traffic Police should identify parking locations on all roads that feed traffic into these roads. Secondly, private vehicles must be banned from entering Commercial Street and Brigade Road. Instead, run a stop-and-hop bus service that will ply every two minutes and cover the entire stretch of these roads.

Manish Choudhary


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