Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Take a peek, Bangalore is book-ed

Take a peek, Bangalore is book-ed


Bangalore: India's Silicon Valley, garden city , party capital, fashion hub — these are just a few names associated with Bangalore.

Dilip da Cunha and Anuradha Mathur celebrate this multi-layered existence of namma ooru in their book The Deccan Traverses.

"What we have found actually is that a number of artistic and scientific enterprises intersected in Bangalore and each actually revealed its own history. So, it's a kind of multiple history of Bangalore that begins with landscape but then it is also about geology, geography and botany," da Cunha says.

That could sound complicated, but playwright and Jnanpith Award-winner Girish Karnad simplifies and puts it in a nutshell.

"The theme of the book is that there is no one Bangalore. There were many names for the city. There was Chickpet, Fort, Cantonment. Bangalore was different things coming together and then falling apart," Karnad says.

One is left with the feeling of having travelled across time when flipping through the pages of this book because not only has the book traced the roots of the city but it also has pointers about what needs to be done for Bangalore’s development.

In fact, Karanataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy promises to take a leaf out of the book.

"I will try to implement all the useful issues they have written about,”"Kumaraswamy says.

The Deccan Traverses has already covered quite a distance and there is more to come with the Chief Minister promising that all libraries in the state would stock the book.


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