Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sub-way at KR market, long built and forgotten...

Sub-way at KR market, long built and forgotten...
Deccan Herald

A subway in KR Market? No. It is not a new project proposal, but a structure built 35 years ago, but forgotten by both the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) and the people.

A subway inaugurated on April 9, 1971, by then Union Minister for Railways K Hanumathayya was built during J Lingaiah’s tenure as the Bangalore mayor. However, today, the subway meant to give respite to the pedestrians from the market chaos and the dense traffic remains unused. Sadly, it is emerging into a major hub for anti-social elements, claim footpath vendors.

Despite, the maddening traffic on the stretch, hardly any pedestrian prefers to take the sub-way. “Not many are aware of the subway. While, a few people who know about it are reluctant to take the route. “It is no longer a respectable option. It is a night den and is not any safer during the day,” says a fruit vendor, Venkatesh.


Lack of security is the main reason for avoiding the sub-way, say many daily commuters. On a given day, you can spot at least 10 traffic cops and five constables on this stretch. Yet, people risk using the busy road.

“Perhaps, the traffic police can make announcements on loud speakers directing the pedestrians to take the sub-way,” suggests Manjula, a college students.

The BMP too seems to have given up any plans to renovate and revive the sub-way. Their earlier attempt to fence the roads to prevent people from crossing the roads failed. Some miscreants broke the fence at several points and eventually, people again started using the road. Now, the entrance and exit points of the sub-way are also encroached by footpath vendors.

Councillor helpless

The local councillor expresses his helplessness in the matter. “I am getting the subway whitewashed every six months. I am also planning to introduce conveyor belts for the benefit of the pedestrians. In have appealed to the BMP to relocate all the footpath vendors to the city and mutton market complexes,” says councillor Syed Jalil.


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