Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Footpaths get a green patch

Footpaths get a green patch
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: The idea of terrace gardening is yet to click, but greening the footpaths is under full swing on city outskirts, where the traffic is not much.

These “Green-belts” look like neatly developed gardens. Be it a care for environment or competition with neighbours, City is certainly getting small, but neatly maintained gardens.

In Whitefield, Koramangala, HRBR Layout, HSR Layout and few other areas, many footpaths have been turned into green-paths by the residents themselves. Even individual houses are maintaining such gardens on their own and some of them even planted medicinal plants.

Many of these gardens have ornamental flowers, green plants and lawns. Some of the owners have developed them in “insect friendly manner,” which attracts common insects including butterflies. Some have gone one step ahead to place European style letter boxes.

"When we came to this area, there were already footpaths made into nice gardens. We too followed the same," said Santosh Kumar, resident of Kundanahalli.

"We have planted few common flowering plants, which in turn attract lots of butterflies. Water kept in open and wide plates also attract butterflies," he added.

Urban ecologists, who welcome the initiative of greening the footpaths however suggests that going for indigenous plants will contribute to better environment.

"The fancy grass or shrubs and ornamental plants look neat, but hardly have any impact on the environment. People should plant trees which benefit the nature and the owner in the long run," said Rohan D’Souza from Hasiru Usiru, an eco-group from City.

"Many private developers promise replanting after they chop trees during construction. Later, few imported plants will be planted, which are of no use for this type of vegetation," he added.

You too can go for footpath greening provided Civic authorities don’t dug up the place. Making the stretch green definitely is a better idea.


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