Thursday, June 29, 2006

Accident triggers violence on Hosur Road

Accident triggers violence on Hosur Road
The Times of India

Bangalore: The traffic jam-stricken Hosur Road had more trouble in store on Wednesday. Vehicles were stranded on Hosur Road and around Electronics City when a road accident turned violent.

Angry locals pelted stones at a private bus and torched it, after it fatally knocked down a woman riding pillion on a motorcycle. Traffic piled up on either side of Electronics City for nearly two hours before the damaged bus were cleared.

Around 2.30 pm, Vimala was returning with her husband, Arun Kumar, residents of Ulsoor, after a cardiac check-up for their child at a hospital off NH-7. A private bus knocked down the vehicle from behind and the woman was run over near Hosa Road junction. Kumar and their child escaped. The driver, however, fled the scene.

Within minutes, irate locals pelted stones at the bus after the passengers got off. Locals shouted slogans against authorities for inaction over regulating traffic on the busy stretch. The situation turned volatile when some miscreants attacked other buses and set fire to the bus that knocked down the two-wheeler. The few cops at the junction stood mute spectators till reinforcements arrived.

The angry mob resisted police from clearing the damaged bus forcing the latter to resort to lathicharge. After the crowd dispersed, it took nearly an hour to tow away the damaged bus.


At Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 10:52:00 PM GMT+5:30, Blogger Harish said...

Well trust me on this. You’re taking this from someone who has survived the Hosur Road(The Infamous Hosur Road), so you have every reason to believe this.

Basically there are 2 types of Women. The first group, the ones that drive 2-wheelers and cars. I havent seen any drive buses and trucks, may be they are busy driving their guys :) . And the second, the ones that donot.

Nothing wrong with the ones that dont drive? You are totally mistaken. Wow!!! Bangalore is indeed the ‘Garden’ city. Mid-rise jeans , Minis, short-tops, rouge, 32-28-32 on a bike … how can a guy drive properly, but adore. If u see a pileup, or a heated argument between an auto-driver and a car driver arguing on whose mistake was it when the car hit the auto from behind. You hear then at the top of their voice, auto-driver “I braked coz of the traffic in front of me”; car-driver “u came out of no where”. The real reason, one of those seemingly benign creations of god must have been spotted by the sidewalk, or crossed in front of the auto. Simple!!!

Now the ones that drive, again of two types. First type, they drive with their legs popping out of the mopeds, making the moped a 2 wheel-2 legged vehicle; or the snail-drivers in cars, biting their lips together and a tensed look as if they are having a sub-critical nuclear bomb in their trunk.

These people cause minor accidents as motorists approach them at slow speed to adore them or for a quick glance. If she is what we call as a “bomb-shell”, then she will have a huge escort of bikes and cars, traffic police think as if some VIP is coming over. Bikers, they stick to those vehicles like swarm of bees. Everyone moving in for a quick peek.

Now the worse ones, the expert women drivers. They drive with such balance, elegance than most men, you wont believe your eyes when one passes you by. They drive with such authority, they master the roads where ever they go. Something most men cant do. And the worse accidents happens while chasing these sparrows around. Some ended up having their ‘last’ peek too… And i have seen 2 ladies, who drive their Honda Activas at 70+kph on Hosur Road at the time of morning rush hour.


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