Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No pipe dream: Swachcha neeru from kitchen tap

No pipe dream: Swachcha neeru from kitchen tap
Deccan Herald

No chlorine, no soil particles, no brown coloured water... How about sparkling clean ready-to-drink water straight from your kitchen tap? This is the promise of IonClean, a purification technology promoted by a private company, Associate Business Consulting.

Addressing a press meet on Tuesday, ABC Managing Director Sajid Ghaffar said the company will undertake purification of two standalone reservoirs - at Race Course Road and Millers Road - as a pilot project. This comes following recent discussions with Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy and BWSSB officials over their proposal.

The costing and implementation plans of the project are still pending, but ABC Director Imran Siddique said the details will be submitted to BWSSB in a week.

The project is being taken up on a public-private partnership basis.

The main highlights of IonClean, according to Mr Siddique, are its benefits over chlorine as a disinfecting method, and its ability to integrate with aging infrastructure.

“We have selected these two reservoirs because they are over 100 years old. IonClean can clean century old reservoirs, pumps and pipes all the way to the taps. We want to demonstrate the capability of IonClean in these two reservoirs,” Mr Siddique said.

How IonCLean works

Explaining the functioning of the purification system, IonClean inventor Noel Parkinson said control boxes, fitted with sets of copper and silver electrodes, will be at every kilometre distance. The control box by generating a low voltage, DC current will release copper and silver ions.

These ions when released into the water act like a potent biocide. Disinfection takes place when the positively charged copper and silver ions form electrostatic bonds negatively charged areas on micro-organism cell walls. This stress kills the germs and purifies water,” Mr Parkinson explained.


* Purification of two city reservoirs on the anvil.

* Details of the plan to be submitted to BWSSB

* Ione clean to score over chlorine as disinfectant

* Sparkling clean water guranteed


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