Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It’s mon-soon! Bangalore cool, heavenly

It’s mon-soon! Bangalore cool, heavenly
The Times of India

Bangalore: After sizzling for two months, Bangalore is now basking in the cloudy, pleasant weather that it’s known and loved for.

With the onset of the south-west monsoon quite early, the mercury has dipped from a cruel 37 degrees Celsius and is cooling at a mild 25 degrees. The cloudy sky, strong and intermittent drizzle seem to be the perfect weather for the average Bangalorean. The rainfall has been mild so far, not exceeding 1.8 mm.

According to the Met department, this weather pattern will continue in the coming week. The rain, that is brought in by the moisture-laden south-westerly winds from the Arabian Sea, is likely to go up after that. For the Bangalorean, the monsoon that has set in a week early, has been a pleasant change. The demand in coffee bars has changed from cold coffees and granitas to cappuccinos and warm doughnuts. Teeny-boppers dressed in summer outfits are now sporting jackets and sweatshirts. And every evening, a piping hot snack is almost mandatory with filter coffee in every household. As for the nights, quilts have replaced cotton sheets and airconditioners have been switched off.

Even as Bangaloreans are soaking in the weather, they’re not looking forward to heavy rain. “The light drizzle now is simply beautiful and I love every minute of it. But in a few days, there will be power cuts, traffic jams and waterlogging, and so frankly, the rain scares me,’’ says Milan Dheer, a project manager.


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