Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Crime strikes at heart of Bangalore

Crime strikes at heart of Bangalore
Executive Abducted Off MG Road, Relieved Of Valuables,ATM Cash
The Times of India

Bangalore: How safe is Bangalore if a man can be kidnapped and robbed right in the heart of city? That’s what happened to a senior executive of Arvind Brands, a division of Arvind Mills. A five-member gang abducted Chakor Jain (37) from an area off M G Road on Monday night when he was returning home. He was taken all over the city for over an hour and assaulted before the gang took off. It escaped with his car, watch, laptop, cellphone, credit and debit cards, and Rs 300 in cash. The gang even withdrew Rs 15,000 from his account at an ATM.

Earlier that night, Jain’s friends dropped him at his office near Kids Kemp on M G Road after dinner at a hotel on Infantry Road. From here, Jain started driving towards his residence in Cambridge Layout. Midway, he stopped to relieve himself. That was when three persons cornered and pushed him into his car at knife point. He was wedged between two persons on the rear seat, while another drove the car. Two more persons joined them a little later.

The gang members assaulted him before robbing him of his valuables. They also forced Jain to reveal his debit card PIN, after which he was dumped near a swimming pool in Bangalore University’s Jnanabharathi campus after midnight.

A badly beaten Jain walked to the Jnanabharathi police station with help from university guards. He tried to block his credit and debit card accounts, but before the bank authorities could act, the miscreants had withdrawn the money.

Jnanabharathi police registered a case of robbery and alerted other police stations. They informed neighbouring districts to look out for the stolen car, which was found abandoned near the Mandya railway station on Tuesday morning.

The case has been transferred to the Ulsoor police as the kidnapping occurred within their jurisdiction. When contacted, Jain said the police were helpful and prompt. “They have tracked down the car and I believe they’ve recovered my bag, laptop and may be even my purse.”


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