Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Arkavathy fate in BDA’s hands

Arkavathy fate in BDA’s hands
The Times of India

Bangalore: The BDA board meeting scheduled to be held on Wednesday, will decide the fate of Arkavathy Layout. For, allotment letters for 18,000 sites are ready but everything depends on the board’s decision, as the subject also deals with the expulsion of some land from acquisition.

If the board approves the site allotments, then the shortlisted applicants will get their allotment letters within the next one month. But there is a minor hitch. Some 350 acres of land, which is part of the 2,750 acres notified for Arkavathy layout, has built up structures which had come up before the issuance of preliminary notification for land acquisition in February 2003.

It is a tricky situation. Though the entire 350 acres is not built up, there are vacant lands in between buildings where sites cannot be formed. The board will take a decision on this issue - on the extent of area that has to be left out of acquisition. In case there is deletion of lands, it will reduce the number of sites and the BDA has to make fresh acquisition to compensate, officials said.

In January, the BDA had allotted 1,810 sites and issued allotment letters.

Acting on the high court order, the BDA heard the land owners who had filed objections against land acquisition. Majority of the applications were from the revenue site owners who have ownership of 748 acres in the layout. Unless, this land is litigation free, the BDA cannot form sites.

The BDA, which has received 3,800 applications from the revenue site owners, has to dispose them after going through the validity. As per the court orders, the revenue site owners will be given a compensatory site of 30 ft X 40 ft dimension only if the sale deed has been registered before the issuance of preliminary notification for land acquisition.

Spread over 2,750 acres, which covers 16 villages.
First layout to have dual water supply lines - potable and non-potable water supply.
Will have a tertiary treatment plant.
Two 100 feet roads connecting the four corridors, a road network of 386 km.
Two lakes which will be sourced from rain water.


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