Friday, April 28, 2006

Pay-and-park panel notified after deadline ends

Pay-and-park panel notified after deadline ends

The Hindu

The committee was to submit a feasibility report within 20 days; 91 roads identified for reintroducing the scheme

BANGALORE: Although the committee set up by Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) Council to study the pros and cons of reintroducing the "pay-and-park" system was formed on April 3, it was notified on April 25.

This committee was supposed to study the feasibility of bringing back the system and submit its report in 20 days. But it has been notified two days after the deadline ended.

Sources in BMP told The Hindu on Thursday that the Congress in the BMP notified the committee only after the traffic police forwarded a list of 91 roads to the BMP for bringing back the system.

"Reintroducing the `pay-and-park' system, which was scrapped on April 1, 2005 by the former Mayor R. Narayanaswamy is something which needs to be studied seriously.

The committee should not be for namesake," the sources said.

Some citizens, who are not against the "pay-and-park" system, have favoured the recommendation on introduction of metered parking on some roads by the traffic police.

"We are not against the system. But we do not want to be harassed by parking attendants in the parking lot. Besides, they do not even guarantee the safety of our vehicles. In such a situation, I think metered parking is better," Prasanna Kumar, who works for a construction company in Malleswaram, said.

Santosh Jha, a plumbing contractor, said: "We do not mind paying a fee to park vehicles. But the attendants demand the same amount if you park for an hour or 20 minutes.

If metered parking helps, the amount should be fixed for half an hour.

This will be helpful to people who have to visit several places for a short duration," he said.

A burden

But there are others such as S. Harsha, who were against the "pay-and-park" system. "I feel the system is a burden on the common man.

It is good if it is not brought back," said Harsha, who works for a travel company.

"My job is to get orders for arrangement of instant tour packages from individuals, schools, colleges and any other organisations.

I have to visit several places in a day and if I have to pay every time I park my vehicle, I will have to shell out a lot of money," he added.


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