Wednesday, April 26, 2006

90 roads in City identified for Pay-and-park system

90 roads in City identified for Pay-and-park system
Vijay Times

MO TORISTS may soon have to shell out money as fee for parking their vehicles on certain roads in the City as the traffic police has identified 90 roa that would be co vered under the P ay -andpark system.

A list of the roads was submitted to the Bangalore City Corporation (BCC) Commissioner’s office by the P olice Department o T uesday .

The T raffic P olice swung into action after the State go vernment sent a letter to the BCC directing it to re-introduce the P ay -and-pa system to prevent traffic congestion. A Au ut th ho or ri it ty y s sp pe ea ak k: : T alking to B BV VT T , Additional Commissioner of P olice (T raffic & Security) M N Reddy said, "A copy of the list of roads proposed for the introduction of P ay -and-park system has been forwarded to BCC Commissioner K J othiramalingam. The BCC should take a decision on whether to introduce the system or not. If it chooses to implement the system, it should fix a fee and date of introduction." "Free parking has led to traffic congestion and chaos on streets. The P ay -and-park sys tem will help regulate traffic and enable f flo w of vehicles," he opined.

"Roads were identified on the basis of the density of vehicles on them," Reddy added.

Contrary to the statement of the police official, the BCC Commissioner told B BV VT T that they had not received any list of roads for the Pay-and-park system from the Police Department.

It may be recalled that former Mayor R N arayanaswamy had scrapped the system in April 2005. R Ro oa ad ds s i id de en nt ti if fi ie ed d: Some of the important roads that have been identified are: M G R Infantry Road, C M H Road, Main Guard Road, St Mark’s Road, part of Residency Road, Dispensary Road, Lady Curzon Road, Cunningham Road, Church Street, Coles Road, Miller’s Road, Cambridge Road, H ospital Road, Dr Rajkumar Road, Dharmaraj T emple Street, Sajjan Rao Circle, K R Road Magadi Main Road, Malleswaram Sampige Road to MES College, Jayanagar , Gandhinagar , Chamarajpet and Vijayanagar . B BV VT T s sp po ok ke e t to o s so om me C Ci it ty y i in n t th hi is s r re eg ga "It is good that the the P ay -and-park system will be back. It makes parking so simple a easy . I need not worry about vehicle manhandling and theft in some places. It will fetch the BCC good revenue," said Kavitha, a software engineer .

"The system will help ensure lane discipline and enhance the security of the vehicle. In the absence of this system, many vehicles are parked for hours together , especially during weekends, and it becomes difficult to get find parking space. But, the fee should not be expensive," said Ancy , an advertising profes sional.

"I want the P ay -and-park system to be reintroduced. If such a system is in place, there will be no haphazard parking. H o wever , in the earlier system, the ticket had a condition that if a vehicle was stolen or damaged, the co ctor should not be held responsible for the theft or damage and that no compensation would be given. Then, what’s the use of havi this system? If they can’t give us such an assurance, why do they charge us for parking," questioned Anand, a four-wheeler driver .


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