Monday, March 27, 2006

Temperatures to soar above normal this summer

Temperatures to soar above normal this summer
Vijay Times

SUMMER has just begun, but Bangaloreans are already feeling the prickly heat. Though a good amount of unseasonal rains did welcome the summer this year , the rising temperature recordings indicate that the summer heat will be at its peak in April.

"It is difficult to predict the weather for the coming days, but keeping in mind the present temperature recordings, the City can expect an above normal summer . The temperature will rise and it will be hot in April as the intensity of the sun’s radiation will increase. It could go worse if there are climactic changes such as formation of a cloudy system," according to an official in the City Met department.

Increasing vehicles and development activities in the City are also to be blamed for the rising temperature in the City . "Discharge of carbon monoxide and construction of roads (cementing forest) is affecting the temperature in the sub urban areas," the official said.

Highest temperature ever recorded 37.3 C, March 27, 1996

Highest temperature recordings in March

2005 - 36. 4
2004 - 36.2
2003 - 35.4


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