Thursday, March 30, 2006

Officials ‘cheat’ BTM residents of meeting

Officials ‘cheat’ BTM residents of meeting
The Times of India

Bangalore: The civic officials by not turning up for a meeting promised on Wednesday to the 500 residents of the BTM 29th Main who are protesting against the Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV) plying in their colony roads have disappointed the residents.
“We had been asked to disperse the dharna of 500 residents, solely on the promise that we will be allowed to meet the concerned officials to solve our problems. No official turned up at the BMP office except our corporator,’’ said Shaan Ahhat one of the residents of the area who was also there for the meeting.
“We were told that the officials were busy and that they will have to wait till 4 pm for the concerned officials to be free for the promised appointment. We felt like being treated a kids who can be fooled by giving lollipop to calm down on an issue,’’ she added.
After two hours of wait, the police representative who turned up was hell bent on not changing the route of the HTV without giving any substantial reason to the residents.


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