Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Corporators: elicit public opinion, then decide

Corporators: elicit public opinion, then decide
The Times of India

Bangalore: The tussle over reintroduction of pay-andpark system continued on Tuesday with JD(S) corporator Padmanab Reddy seeking to set up a committee to gather public opinion on the issue.

When the discussion over the BMP budget resumed on Tuesday, Reddy asked the BMP to collect public opinion over reintroduction of the system at least for fourwheelers. “A committee should be set up to get public opinion so that the pay-andpark system can be reintroduced at least for four-wheelers,’’ Reddy said. On Monday, ruling Congress leader in the BMP council H Ravindra had said the BMP should stick to its decision of scrapping the system.

Alleging that the budget was a bundle of lies, Reddy said it should be reviewed and re-presented. BMP, in the budget, had claimed Rs 10 crore revenue from violation of building by-laws, but the amount had not been recovered from violators even in the past, Reddy said.

Reddy also sought a white paper on BMP’s financial condition and details of how it would repay the loans borrowed from various financial institutions.

Corporator Mangala, who also sought clarification on repayment of loans suggested the BMP take the assistance of the BDA which has done a property survey. Stating that the budgetary allocation of Rs 18 lakh for education was not sufficient, she asked the BMP to look into appointment of teachers.

Hanumanthnagar corporator and former mayor Chandrashekar came down heavily on the budget and said corporators were not consulted while drawing up detailed reports for World Bank and JNNURM plans.


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