Thursday, March 30, 2006

BDA proposes change in land acquisition policy

BDA proposes change in land acquisition policy
Vijay Times

Bangalore: In what is being seen as a significant shift in its land acquisition process for new layouts, the Bangalore Development A uthority (BDA) is planning to do away with its existing land acquisition policy and adopt a new one on the lines of the Ahmedabad U rban Development A uthority (A UDA).

U nder the new policy , the farmer and the A uthority will become partners in the infrastructure development of the City .

The BDA Board, which met on March 24, has agreed to the proposal and the same has been sent to the go vernment for appro val. The present land acquisition policy is o ver a century old.

The A UDA’s land acquisition policy has helped it successfully acquire land from farmers in Gujarat with no litigations at all, a senior BDA official told Vijay T imes.

While reviewing the BDA’s works, Chief Minister H D K umaraswamy had appreciated the BDA’s proposal to change the land acquisition policy . As per the land acquisition policy in existence no w , the lands are acquired b y notifying the lands and issuing the preliminary and final notifications to land o wners. The recent Arkavathi episode, where many villagers and land owners filed objections to the acquisition proceedings citing various reasons, stands testimony to the problems caused by the existing policy to the Authority as well as the land o wners. As per rules under the present policy , whenever a piece of land is acquired b y the BDA, compensation is paid to the land o wner and a compensatory site is offered in its layout.

The funds paid as compensation are soon spent. This forces farmers to life of uncertainty and pushes their families into penury , he said.

U nder the new policy , the land o wner will have a stake of 10,000 sq.ft per acre of land within the same layout. Once the areas are developed by the BDA, the land o wner will have the right of place. Presently , the BDA compensates land o wners with 2,400 sq.ft (40x60 site) for every acre of land acquired from them. U nder the new policy , this will be increased to 10,000 sq.ft," the official explained.

"The change in policy will ensure that there are no inordinate delays and cost o verruns. The projects will be completed on time," the official said.

"There will be no shortcomings and bottlenecks and there will be no haphazard development of the place. The new policy will be applicable to acquisitions for formation of new layouts only ," he added.

Existing policy of notifying & acquiring is over 1 New policy to be based on AUDA format Farmer/land owner to get 10,000 sq foot for every The land will be developed and given to owner Presently only 2,400 sq ft/acre is given to farmer Farmer thus becomes part of development process


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