Saturday, February 25, 2006

Governor address underscores Govt commitment to revamp infrastructure

Governor address underscores Govt commitment to revamp infrastructure
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: The upgradation of Bangalore’s crumbling infrastructure found prime place in the Governor’s address to the joint session of the State Legislature here on Friday.

Underscoring the Government’s commitment to revamp basic infrastructure by working in tandem with the industry, the Governor, in his address, said all facilities required by the industry, particularly the Information and bio-technology sectors, would be provided by the Government.

Assuring that Bangalore’s unique position as a prime destination for investors would be maintained, Chaturvedi said all infrastructural problems would be resolved within a fixed timeframe.

“Flyovers under construction in Bangalore will be completed ahead of schedule, roads damaged in the rains will be repaired in two months besides an additional 1,000 km of roads will be relaid,” the Governor said.

The Governor would also try its best to bring about a dispersal of industry by providing requisite facilities in other important cities and towns of the State.

“Karnataka will continue to be the most investor friendly State and maintain its unique investor climate,” the Governor said.

Stating that Karnataka continued to lead in the IT sector with estimated exports of Rs 35,000 crore, Chaturvedi said the boom in the IT sector would provide more job opportunities for local youth.

The Governor also highlighted the growth in the BT sector saying that State attracted one bio-tech company every fortnight. Stating that the much awaited bio-tech park would be ready in the next ten months, Chaturvedi said.

A Centre of Excellence for Bio-informatics Research and Training, funded by the Union Government, would be set up at the Institute of Bio-informatics and Applied Bio-technology.

The Governor also said that special allocations would be made to improve Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh to attract more tourists.


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