Monday, February 27, 2006

BDA destroys unique bamboo species

BDA destroys unique bamboo species
Vijay Times

Bangalore: Bangalore Development Authority’s (BDA) enthusiasm in paving way for its Visvesvaraya Layout in Ullal on City outskir resulted in destruction of a significant portion o bamboo groves, a collection of unique plant species and rattan (cane) brought from diffe parts of the world.

The BDA’s action has wiped out the better part of the collection which former Forest Secretary A Lakshmana had nurtured through hard work of 15 years after travelling to forests of W ester China, Indonesia, America, Thailand, Ivory Coa and Myanmar to bring some species.

About 9000 sq feet (200 ft length and 45 ft width) area is being prepared for a layout after nently destroying the bamboo groves by the bulldozers for the BDA project.

The variety bamboo collection was the only one of its kind in the country , an outcome of vidual’s efforts and only the third bamboo served in India after Dehradun School of Forestry (Government institute to train in forestry) Chessa an NGO in Arunachala Pradesh.

"Among them one calamus species of bamboo had developed 216 stems to create a new wo record, the earlier one being 106 culms rep in China. It would have brought very high cial benefits to the farmers being one of fastest growing and costliest one used in h quality furniture." said septageneraian Lakshmana.

A rare Agar tree (known for its fragrance) Assam, which fetches twice the value of san wood was destroyed along with a number of sandalwood trees, Lakshmana pointed out.

The State Government had promised Lakshmana that it would soon provide an alternative site for him to promote his bamboo collection while the BDA engineers had also given an assurance that the groves would be spared, Lakshmana told Vijay T imes. "Had BDA informed me earlier could have made some arrangements to move and replant these rare and unique bamboo species to another location safely ," he said.

"Not much study has so far been conducted on many of these bamboo species as they ar found in dense and difficult forest areas t their identification very difficult. It would immensely benefitted the scientists , " he laments

Calamus and Phyllotastachys pubesens species from China
Khaya anthotheca from Ivory Coast
Guadua angustifolia from Latin America (the tallest-growing bamboo shoots)
Calamus vimisalis from AP (endangered due to naxal threat)
Calamus lakshmane from Western Ghats discovered by Lakshmana


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