Tuesday, January 31, 2006

K'swamy is Bangalore's poster boy

K'swamy is Bangalore's poster boy
India Broadcast News

Bangalore: The BJP and the JD(S) are still a few days away from taking over power in Karnataka, but that hasn't stopped the two political parties from making their presence felt in the state.

Bangalore has been plastered with posters and billboards ahead of the swearing in on Friday.

He's yet to become chief minister but H D Kumaraswamy is on a roll. Some posters declare him the chief minister already.

Others declare him the mannina mammaga - grandson of the soil, just as his father Deve Gowda is son of the soil.

There are some that recognise his parents' role in his rise to power, others see him taller than the High Court.

M Hitesh who is a student in Karnataka says, "I have put up ten posters of Kumaraswamy, but I'm not the only one. There are lots of people doing the same thing all over the place."

While Kumarswamy will not be sworn in till Friday, his partymen have lost no time in rubbing in the point.

Whether a shaky coalition will be strengthened with the BJP is questionable, just like how many ministers will actually take the administration forward.

Sources have told CNN-IBN that a 100-feet tall poster will be put up at the Vidhana Soudha by Tuesday.

The JD(S) MLAs have spent nearly Rs 25 lakh on their holiday to Goa and now they are spending money on posters and bill-boards.

What the city's landscape will look like by the time these ministers swear into office is anybody's guess.


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