Tuesday, January 31, 2006

BMP responsible for park mess

BMP responsible for park mess
New Indian Express

For the past one year, the park in Jayanagar IV Block, 16th Main, has been in use as a garbage dump. Play equipment fight for space with garbage trolleys in the park.

Though these have been recently installed, the children of the locality cannot use the park. It’s become common for parks in the city to be encroached upon by temples, mosques or shops, spoiling their beauty. This is unfortunate as it directly affects children.

It is also a criminal act and the Bangalore Mahanagar Pallike (BMP) should be held responsible. The Pollution Control Board can also take corrective steps.

This reflects the complacency of the officials. Even the Commissioner can be held responsible. Such instances are clear violations of several acts including the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act and the Environment Protection Act.

The Supreme Court can also hold the BMP Commissioner in contempt as every city must have a solid waste management plan. Moreover, this is also a health hazard as disease can easily spread in the area.

Citizens should protest against such misuse of a park.

Leo Saldanha, Environmentalist.


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