Friday, December 30, 2005

Wake-up call: IT forum

Wake-up call: IT forum

The Hindu

`The Government, security agencies and information technology units should work together and exchange information'

Bangalore: Wednesday's terrorist attack at the Indian Institute of Science is a "wake-up call for everybody", C.N. Kumar, Convenor, Bangalore Forum for Information Technology, said on Thursday.

He said security has to be a collaborative effort, involving both the IT industry and security agencies.

"The industry, Government and police should work to-gether and exchange information if there is a threat perception."

`Precautions needed'

B.V. Naidu, Director, Software Technology Parks of India, Bangalore, said the industry "need to take extra precautions" to prevent such incidents.

Anant R. Koppar, President, Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce urged the industry to invest in security systems. "We can fight terrorism only through stringent security measures at sensitive locations and by creating greater awareness among people, especially those in the technology sector. It has become extremely important that companies invest in monitoring individuals who work directly or indirectly in organisations and invest in intelligence system in their premises," he noted.


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