Saturday, December 31, 2005

Special paint to enforce lane rules

Special paint to enforce lane rules
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: It glows in the dark, and the police hope it will discourage motorists from transgressing lane rules.

City police are using reflective material to paint roads. The project, already begun on some roads, is expected to be completed early next year.

Blinking strips on busy roads will help motorists follow their lanes while driving at night. At present, motorists find it difficult to follow lanes as the paint is not very visible during the night.

“Developing lane discipline has always been our prime concern and the reflective paint will certainly help us,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic, East) M A Saleem told this website’s newspaper.

Motorists take sudden sharp turns on busy roads resulting in mishaps. The reflective paints and strict enforcement of lane discipline will avoid such accidents, he explained.

The powerful thermoplastic road marking paint is being used on busy roads. Compared to conventional paints, the new strips are more durable and effective. In Europe and the Middle East, motorists never skip lanes, he added.

This specially designed paint has a “refro reflective capacity”, said Girish Bhat, senior technical officer, Berger Paints. Berger is providing the paint.

“The strips glow when light falls on them and so motorists find it easy to see lanes and follow them,” he said. This paint has a thickness of 2.5 mm and lasts for nearly two years.

The new measure is expected to bring down the number of accidents on city roads. Every year, over 600 people die and thousands are injured in road accidents in the City.


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