Friday, December 30, 2005

But life goes on, say captains

But life goes on, say captains
The Times of India

Bangalore: ‘Security risk,’ part of every global business environment indicator has never brought any trouble to Bangalore. It’s peaceful, cosmopolitan culture shaken only by the traffic chaos and bad roads has always ensured that the phrase remains unfamiliar to the city. Is this set to change? A question which everyone wishes is better not asked and a spotlight put on the underbelly of a problem which is painful and vulnerable.

Does Bangalore’s business friendliness take a beating? No, says Kiran Karnik, Nasscom’s president. “Customers are very sharp in what they expect from India. If the deliveries are on track they do not bother. We have proved that business just goes on,’’ said Karnik.

“These kind of incidents can happen anywhere. Unfortunate they have. But life goes on,’’ said Karnik. To put his words into perspective consider this: Budapest and Bulgaria, two of the Eastern European countries are leading the region’s rise as a new powerhouse of knowledge workers. East Europe throws the gauntlet at India and China, offering a high-skilled and low cost business environment. A Businessweek cover story recently pitched Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Romania and Bulgaria as the new destinations for tech companies to outsource from. What’s special about them? Most of these countries are coming out of decades of communist regimes, a high organised crime rate and some of them recovering from intense civil unrest. For instance, as Businessweek reports, Bulgaria and Romania are still under the shadows of organised crime.

“India is an outstanding example,’’ says Karnik. “Life just goes on here.’’ Perhaps capturing the spirit of the city’s resilience, president of Bangalore Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCIC), Anant Koppar said: “Such incidents will not dislodge the confidence of people.’’


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