Friday, December 30, 2005

Broken in body, not spirit

Broken in body, not spirit
The Times of India

Bangalore: On Thursday morning, a young woman hailed an autorickshaw and asked the driver to take her to IISc, near Malleswarm. “Oh that place, where this shooting happened. OK madam, but you be careful there. Alli jasti police bundobast idhe,’’ he said. A city which revels in its scientific and technological excellence, is stirred but not shaken, broken in body but not spirit. Citizens are angry, very angry but the once-peaceful pensioner’s paradise does have its vestiges of maintaining peace. “By giving vent to our anger, we will only be adding to an already tense situation. Why should we stoop to the level of those cowards? ‘’ exclaims a long-time resident of Bangalore, Krishna Murthy.

On Wednesday night, Prof Rajeev Gowda, a friend and associate of Vijay Chandru who sustained injuries, said, “It’s terrible but we will fight with our brains and heart, we’ll also show them what we are made of.’’


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