Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Open underpass for the public’

Open underpass for the public’
The Times of India

Bangalore: Barely a few days after the Rajajinagar Entrance underpass was inaugurated by CM Dharam Singh and declared open to the public, BJP members staged a protest on Tuesday.

Their contention was that the underpass was completed after an unreasonable delay and yet has not been completely thrown open to the public. Only a section of the underpass, ie, one-way from Rajajinagar towards Anand Rao Circle is functional as has been the norm for two years now. The demonstration was monitored by a posse of police. But nothing could prevent the ensuing traffic jam on an already chock-a-block road. The demonstration added to the chaos and commuters had to wait and watch. The BMP maintains that the Rajajinagar underpass road needs to be straightened near Khoday’s circle and until then the movement would be one-way.


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