Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One more promise here

One more promise here
The Times of India

Bangalore: Responding to the feverish pitch of cries about bad roads, the BMP has taken up strengthening, rehabilitating of various roads spread across the city. Announcing this on Monday at the inauguration of Bhavi Park in Jayanagar, BMP commissioner K Jothiramalingam delineated the various roads, schemes and deadlines.

Even as he spelt out the different roads, CM Dharam Singh instructed the BMP that their work had to have a high level of visibility.

Singh also appealed to citizens not to get frustrated as “infrastructure cannot come up overnight.’’

Under the Fast Track Scheme works a total of 17.26 km of roads will be taken up. To ensure that it is actually ‘fast track’ the agency which will be implementing the road-beautifying drive has been exempted from the Transparency Act No 1999. The 11 arterial or main roads include M G Road, Airport Road, Commisariat Road, Indiranagar, Koramangala, among others. The nature of work includes upgradation of side-walks, asphalting, providing bituminous concrete. The total cost — Rs 11.26 crore.

Under the flood relief scheme, severely damaged roads within city limits will get a complete facelift. The Karnataka Land Army Corporation, would be taking up three bad roads. Silver Jubilee Park Road (700 mts), Kaggdaspur Road (7 kms) and S T Bed Road would be done.

Elsewhere, Bangalore urban district incharge minister R Ramalinga Reddy told reporters, “A massive pothole filling exercise will be launched from Wednesday, we have released Rs 10 crore for the purpose.”


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