Monday, October 31, 2005

Self-styled decongestion!

Self-styled decongestion!

Vijay Times

Bangalore: Of late, BMTC bus conductors and drivers have taken it upon themselves to help decongest traffic by using mobile phones.

They inform their counterparts to take a different route in case of a traffic jam, that would take a couple of hours to clear . But BMTC officials are not amused.

They say it is a violation of the law and erring drivers and conductors will be booked and fined. This bus networking started soon after City traffic police started smsing mobile users informing them about the traffic movement in the city , owing to the rain fury recently .

Ironically , BMTC buses display stickers saying mobile usage is prohibited and can attract a fine of Rs 100. The traffic police booked 24 BMTC drivers in the first half of 2005 for using mobile phones while driving, and each driver had to cough-up Rs 300 in fine.

The decision of the BMTC to ban the use of cellphones by commuters seems to have no takers Introduced to prevent possible distractions to the driver , the move has had little impact on cellphone usage in the buses.

BMTC officials say the ban is difficult to enforce W e cannot ask commuters to stop using their mobiles. The driver has been instructed to commuters seated in the vicinity of the driver's cabin to switch off their mobiles, only if it distracts him, explained Dastagir Sherieff, Chief Traffic Manager (Operations).

Some instances of drivers using the cellphones while driving, have been reported, Sherieff stringent action will be taken if such inst brought to the notice of the control room.

Apart from seizing the phones from such drivers, a strict warning will be issued. Under no circumstances should drivers use mobiles while driving the bus," he said.

Commuters can bring instances of drivers using cellphones to the notice of the BMTC control room at 25550565.

Some commuters suggest that the control room number be displayed inside the bus also .

The traffic police, who have been braving t torrential rain while regulating the erratic movement this monsoon will now find some solace as a Malleswaram-based businessman is donating 300 umbrellas to the Malleswaram traffic police.

Recently , V Gurunath and Sons Jewellery , handed over the umbrellas to the Malleswaram T raffic police in the presence of DCP - T W est, Basavaraj Y Malaghati and ACP-T raffic North, Lakshman Singh and Malleswaram T raffic Inspector , Vishwanath Singh.

With Diwali holidays round the corner , traf movemement around the Majestic area has slowed down considerably .

Sources in the traffic department says the traffic jams are common during festive season a there is a huge rush of out-bound passenger And for the last two days, the vehicular traffic o Kempe Gowda road from Hudson Circle junction to Majestic bus stand has come to a grindling halt and the passengers were seen getting off the road and walking briskly to reach the bus stand.

Karnataka Road T ransport Corporation, general manager ( T raffic) Rajakumar admitted tha there is a huge rush at the bus stand. So , the pa sengers are suggested to leave their homes to avoid being stuck in a traffic jam.


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